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About Us

We've seen the struggles of so many self-published authors on marketing their books to various avenues. As a team of literary agents, publicists and consultants, our innovative approach and proven track of experiences propel us to establish a niche where books can be easily accessed by traditional houses and International Book Agents. Our unique platforms from the US, the UK, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe optimize the authors' media appearances, features, and book deals or acquisitions.

Book Agency Plus partners with credible sources of marketing gateways wherein authors get to have radio interviews (based on genre or specifications) to be heard by millions of listeners across the globe. Our professional book reviewers send the feedback to librarians and book store owners to earn shelf space.

Our extraordinary connection with an award-winning film studio and director captures the best visual presentation of the book into a cinematic book trailer using real actors and settings, comparable to the trailers of successful movies currently.

What sets us apart is that every book we publish or market gets the access of literary agents from the US and International markets. Our database is accessible by these decision-makers whose 'success stories' are truly coveted by every author.


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