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Donald Averill, the author with Limitless Possibilities

From one self-publishing company to another, Donald Averill shares his books with them and it’s about time he gets a traditional firm. Before that, let us uncover how his writing stint began.

“It was November six years ago when I got tired of the same old Christmas stories on TV. I had been thinking of a new hobby, so one of the first short stories I wrote was Ornaments of Value. After several of my friends read it, they suggested I publish it. I modeled the main character after a girl I had dated when in college. Each of my stories contains tidbits of my life and many of the characters have names, but not descriptions, of people I know.”

It must be true that in every piece, there’s a story behind it. And most of all, it is drawn on the author’s experience. Obviously, his friends loved his work. How about the critics?

“I have had Hollywood Book Reviews of several of my books, and the reviews have ranged from good to very good. My friends, family members, and neighbors seem to enjoy my stories and several times they have commented that the stories would make good adventure movies. Although self-publishing meant I needed to invest on the publication and marketing, writing has provided good conversation topics when meeting new people. More than the good feedbacks and creativity on Donald’s sleeve, he has so much to offer that deserves to be told.

Uncle Mike: The Father of Contemporary Sci-Fi Stories

‘Uncle Mike’, as he is fondly called has released well received books as vouched by Pacific Book Reviews and Kirkus Reviews. He is the ink slinger of Quasar, Saddle Sore, Eye of the Sleeping Dragon, and Time Keepers. His books have been present at different book fairs/festivals in the US and International areas.

According to Pacific Book Reviews, “Uncle Mike’s collection of stories is excellent for readers who want an amalgam of silly and serious. If readers are looking for outlandish humor, but also want short stories that reference Shakespeare, Quasar is the perfect book.”

His stories are often funny, adventurous and he even fuses fantasy concepts with social issues. Kirkus states, “A collection that includes a baffling fantasia that mixes sexuality, dinosaurs, and a quasar.”

Turning his stories into films would be plausible. In fact, his screenplays for Quasar and Eye of the Sleeping Dragon are ready. Directors and producers are so welcome to be blown away.

Sunayna Prasad: Paving way for Fantasy Series at All Ages

Kids and young at hearts flock together as Sunayna Prasad shares her compelling book series, From Frights to Flaws. Alyssa McCarthy, the story’s protagonist, enjoys getting reviews from 200+ customers on Amazon and almost 100 reviewers on Goodreads.

She said that the inspiration for "From Frights to Flaws" was mostly her imagination. Some elements were inspired by those in the Harry Potter series. Many readers have pointed that out. Others include modern technology, one or two life experiences, and people in her lives. As a voracious reader and a wild thinker, she incorporates fantasies in her writing style and matches it with moral that allows the readers to learn about life, friendship, and virtues. Positive feedbacks are focused on her fresh story line/concepts of magic worlds and descriptive manner of elaborating every detail of the plot: scenery, characterizations and moods involved.

Her life has changed as an author as people contact her for publicity services and people she knows are getting excited about her books. Sunayna has so far released the 3rd installments.

In a coming-of-age tale genre, Alyssa McCarthy has become a sensation as Ms. Prasad effectively develops a fan base. Like Harry Potter, Alyssa would be a great heroine to be seen on the silver screen.

Robert Martin Bishop, Book Critics’ Bet

As the son of a Lutheran Pastor, I learned very early about the notions of right and wrong, good and evil; but far and away the most important concept I was taught was that of grace and forgiveness. This fascinated me. As a child I would wonder that if I can be forgiven simply by asking God to forgive me, then could criminals do the same thing? I wondered about whether or not I could deliberately do something that I knew was wrong knowing that I all I had to do was ask for forgiveness and I would be free and clear. The one and only time I asked that question aloud, I was (very) sternly answered, "No, because you would not be sincere in your remorse. God knows your heart." Then I began to wonder something else: what if one of Satan's fallen angels asked for forgiveness? Could he?

Somehow that question stayed with me until college days when I wrote a dialogue between God and a fallen angel. Some forty years later this dialogue became the prologue to my book, I, Jetebais.

So far the greatest reward I've received since publication is the resounding approval and reviews of people I respect and perhaps even more importantly of people I don't even know. A blogger from Romania heard of it, read it, and wrote a review that was not only very positive, but it demonstrated a deep understanding of the theme of the book and the hope it offers. The glowing Kirkus review was wonderful for me since that organization is completely independent and reviews literature professionally. Another less obvious reward is that this story which had been rolling around in my head for decades is now, finally, on paper.

I must say, since publication my life hasn't changed very much except that I've done some radio interviews and several book signings. That said, however, I've learned so much about people and various belief systems. Some people are actually afraid -- no kidding -- to touch the book! Why? Because fallen angels and even Satan himself are characters in it. That astonishes me. I've blogged about this and I've thought about it a great deal and I just can't understand how paper and ink can be so frightening, especially when the book is about the power of faith and the ultimate impotence of evil!

Japanese Manga in the Making, Leon Wong Masterminds “Kaze: Awakening”

“Patience is the key to success”- Leon Wong

According to, “Kaze was a light and easy read with just the right amount of depth. As such, this book is rated 4 out of 4 stars. It is easily recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy, whether a young adult or an older senior as both would find this equally enjoyable.”

Leon Wong is an author from Singapore who enjoys reading fantasy and adventure stories. His fascination to Japanese manga, magic, and action propelled the consummation of Kaze.

On his blog interview, he shares his life before and beyond the publishing journey:

  • What’s the inspiration behind your work?

I've always been in love with superhero movies, Japanese anime , Sci-fi movies, Gods, Japanese Mythology. I’ve always wanted to create a Superhero myself. Hence, I put everything I’m interested in, into a story. And that was how Kaze was created.

I dropped out of school at the age of 16, but I’m unconvinced by the value of paper education. My family was my biggest inspiration,they constantly support me of writing the book and pushing me as well.

How has your life changed as a published author?

Being a published Author isn't easy. Patience is the key to success. Writing Kaze wasn't easy. I had to burn the midnight oil most of the time. But it was worth it once it's done. And it gave me more confidence about doing other things. But nothing is ever easy. People have to learn and improve all the time.

Being a dropout in school, people tend to mock me. But after being a published author myself, I find that the mocking slowly stopped because everyone knows it wasn't an easy task but I managed to pull it through.

Mr. Wong’s repertoire of fast-paced, thrilling ride allows the readers to go along with the characters. Kaze is a visual delight. What more if the characters are shown on the big screen? That can be awesome.

From Being a Prisoner to Becoming an Author: Tony Saunders Delivers an Inspirational Journey

Before he published several books, his life was steering a different course. In a flash of an eye, something has changed and his life has never been the same again.


He grew up in Brooklyn, NY and was initially inspired by the street life of which he writes about excessively in his books. His career on the streets ended when he got arrested and did time for assault.

The Inspirations

From prison he found a new inspiration in Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, who he also wrote about in his first book Black Divinity. Though Malcolm X and Martin King were big influences and inspirations there are three others that deserve mentioning: Frantz Fanon, the ideologue who articulated the truths of the Algerian Revolution; Jesus the Messiah, not to be confused with the Christian Christ, who led a revolutionary movement in Israel against Roman oppression; and his mother, Laurelle Saunders, more so for who she was for him.

His inspirations led him to what he has become.

Now the books he has written, particularly Black Divinity, is about the godbody movement, which is the street section of the Five Percent Nation a less radical version of the Nation of Islam – less radical in that they are neither anti-white nor pro-black but are pro-righteousness and thereby join the ranks of a category that has been dubbed by Cornel West the “race-transcending prophets.” After publishing Black Divinity he became a spokesperson for the godbody movement, and even played a part, along with Nathan Allah and Rashid Allah, in organising the first Five Percent meeting in London, England. He also briefly co-presented a radio show on Galaxy FM for a group called the ACU, a co-operative movement that shares many of the ideals he spoke of in Black Divinity.

Currently in the UK, his books appeal to specific niche or market of readers. Through his scholarly talents, he simplifies his messages that librarians are enticed to use his books for reference purposes.

Black Divinity has earned a merit of excellence from Pacific Book Review citing, “a fascinating read which will fill a gap in knowledge for those seeking to learn more about this theory and are looking for a new way towards black self-actualization. This book would also be ideal for a group study program as it spurs many topics of conversation.”

Author Janet Kisyombe Blesses the Readers with her Spiritual Book

Bless Me Indeed is the debut book of Janet Kisyombe whose ultimate goal is to sustain the spiritual needs of the readers across the globe. Drawing from her personal journey to unworldly awakening, Janet reminds everyone that dreams, hopes, love, and faith are the elements that encompass our meaningful existence.

It is awarded to Books of Excellent Merit by Hollywood Book Reviews highlighting, “Bless Me Indeed could be a great book club selection for Christian book clubs, Bible study classes or church reading groups. The self-help book could also be given to spiritually-based support groups to inspire readers. All will definitely learn how they can live like Jabez and look to God to help them. Kisyombe has written a book that will help readers find ways to stay blessed and succeed in life.”

Showered with very good reviews on Amazon, Bless Me Indeed proves that this book is the answer of those who wish to ask God and feel His presence in magical ways. With more than 50,000 followers on Facebook, Janet symbolizes positivity and fortitude against all odds.

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