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About Us


  Book Agency Plus is an author-powered and success-driven firm that empowers authors to experience result-oriented marketing platforms. 


 We go by our ultimate vision to give authors the so-called, “collaboration.” 


 We believe that their success is the very essence of what we do and what we’ll keep us doing.  


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Marketing Platforms

Radio, Podcast and TV Interview

 No one else can tell how your story came to life, except you.  Be seen and be heard. Be an inspiration

*Radio and Podcast interview: $500

*TV interview: $1,500

-terms and conditions apply

Book Contests and Reviews

 Even best-selling authors need powerful endorsements from credible sources/reviewers/critics 

*Multiple entries and a book review: $500

Social Media Blasts

 “Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” - Jay Baer 


Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Query Letter Distribution

Seek literary agents that best fit on the book genre

*terms and conditions apply

Trade Book Shows

Earn a space in front of thousands of book buyers and decision-makers. 

$500 per Regional Book fair

$700 per International book fair

Award-winning Authors